History & Honours

National AFL Masters – Life Members

1996 Bill McDonald – East
2001 John Rutherford – South

SA AFL Masters – Life Members

1986Terry Smallwood – South
Brian Woodcock – East
Bob Cannan – West
Bill McDonald – Pooraka
1987Leon Warren – Riverland
Barry Moroney – South
Ken Green (Dec’d) – East
1988John Rutherford – South
Colin Paech – Pooraka
Alan Robinson – Riverland
1989Colin Withy – East
Trevor Jones – West
R (Bob) Bald – River Murray
1991Ian Post – East
Bruce Kuchel – River Murray
Roy Westley – South
Trevor Hammond – South Coast
Wally Winn (Dec’d) – Blackwood
1993Bruce Watkins – River Murray
Peter Gottsche – Blackwood
1994John Elliott – South Coast
Perry Day – Pooraka
Ron Hanson – Hills
Doug Jenkins – Pooraka
1995Hugh Barker – River Murray
Jerry Malysz – South
Dallas Zeliff – Pooraka
Ken Follett – South Coast
Graham Molloy – East
1996Graham Boundy – South
Tony O’Dea – Pooraka
Trevor Prior – South Coast
Peter Boden – West
Ric Charlesworth – Umpire
Greg Warman – South
Ray Smith – Blackwood
Jamie Warren – South Coast
Wayne Duthie – River Murray
Peter Mattner – River Murray
1997Don Cave – East
Jim Potts – Riverland
Brenton Goldsworthy – Riverland
G. (Dick) Searl – East
Kim Pearce – Hills
Barrie Nicolle – Blackwood
Ian Coff – Pooraka
Mick Guerin – East
1998Mark White – Mid North
Lou Cailotto – West
Geoff Burt – West
John Harker – East
John Parker – East
Ken Nealie – East
Jim Thomson – East
Brian Pitt – Riverland
Trevor Bedson – Riverland
Graham Delsar – South Coast
Debbie Prior – South Coast
Leon Day – Portland
Greg Hamilton – Portland
Tony Burne – Gawler Districts
Clarry Fisher – Blackwood
Debbie Fisher – Blackwood
Tony Kennett. – South
Dennis Taylor – South
1999Grant Travers – West
David Watson – West
Phil McEvoy – West
2000Rod Murry – East
Chris Panagaris – East
Eugene Warrior – East
Greg Day – South Coast
2002Mark Doyle – Pooraka
Geoff Davies – Gawler Districts
Dean Platten-Morris – Gawler Districts
Peter Skuse – South
Tony May – Gawler Districts
Lyall Stubing – Gawler Districts
Dave Beagley – Gawler Districts
2003David Power – Umpire
Trevor MacDonald – East and Umpire
Marty Martinovic – Portland
Jeff Emmel – Portland
Mark Voigt – Riverland
2004Mark Broadbridge (Dec’d) – South
John Barrett – Pooraka
Ray Gatt – Pooraka
Greg Verrall – West
Brenton Wortley – West
2006Ted Mills – Portland
Mark Wareing – Portland
Garry Adams – Portland
2007Mary Cailotto – West
Marlene Follett – River Murray
2008Garry Anderson – Pooraka
David South – Pooraka
Mark Wilson – Pooraka
Anthony Dunn – Pooraka
Wayne Gummow – Pooraka
Anthony Sharkey – Pooraka
John Bidgood – Pooraka
Phil Rogers – West
Dean Tozer – Portland
Darrell Martin – Portland
David Stork – East
Robert Dawson – East
Peter Elias – East
2009Ron Nettleton – Portland
David Crook – Gawler Districts
Heather Mattner – River Murray
Rick Crichton – West
Dean Pangrazio – West
John Gebert – West
2010Andrew Watson – Blackwood
Colin Thompson – Gawler Districts
Gary Carlyon – Umpire
2011Ross Wall – Hills
Kerry Jay – East
David White – Umpire
2012John Corletto – East
Ian Reeve – West
Tony Hinrichson – Phantoms
2014Nick Monda – East
David Lock – West
2016Joe Turci – Blackwood
Clay Bown – East
Lance Gum – Riverland
2015Robert Day – Portland
Dean Lucivero – East
Sarah English – West

National AFL Masters Hall of Fame Inductees

1997 Bill McDonald – East
1998 Bob Cannan – West
2001 Colin Withy – East
2003 Hugh Barker – River Murray
2004 John Rutherford – South
2005 Mick Guerin – East
2006 Clarry Fisher – Blackwood, River Murray
2007 Ric Charlesworth – Umpire
2008 Debbie Fisher – River Murray
2010 Lou Cailotto – West

National AFL Masters Legends Hall of Fame

2012 Bill McDonald – East

At the 2012 National Carnival held in Townsville, the National body announced a new recognition award for services to the AFL Masters competition, “Legends Hall of Fame”.

SA is proud to acknowledge that Bill MacDonald was one of the deserving recipients of this prestigious award.

Many of the current SA AFL Masters players would not be aware of what Bill has done and achieved in his career before and during AFL Masters. So I thought it an opportune time to acknowledge some of Bills achievements in football and administration.

Bill played SANFL with Central Districts. He has the dubious honour of being the first Centrals player to be reported. While playing with Centrals he also helped out coaching juniors in the area, he once told a 10 yr. old Elizabeth kid that he was too small and light to play football and should try soccer. That kid was John Platten who won both the Brownlow and Margery medals, played in 4 night and 4 day premierships with Hawthorn, 5 times All Australian.

  • Foundation member of the committee that formed SA Superules in 1983.
  • Vice President (2 years)
  • SA President (7 years )
  • Exec. Member ( 18 years)
  • Fundraiser and social director ( 11 years)
  • Has attended 28 out of 30 National Carnivals and has played in 21 of those carnivals.
  • Has played approx. 400 + games of Superules.
  • Represented SA in the inaugural state game vs. Victoria at Nhill ( Victoria)
  • 2 times selected as All Australian at a National Carnival.
  • Awarded Life Membership SA Superules (1986).
  • Awarded Life Membership AFL Masters Australia (1996)
  • Inducted into AFL Masters Hall Of Fame (1997)
  • Elevated to AFL Masters Legend ( 2012)
  • Named Capt / Coach of SA Superules team of the Millennium (2001).
  • Selected in the SA Masters Ratpack 2004.
  • Awarded 3 Ken Green Memorial trophies for outstanding service to SA Masters, 1988, 1989 & 2008.
  • Awarded Presidents trophy 2000.
  • Awarded most valuable contributor to the National Carnival (x3)
  • Member of the committee that organised the 25 & 30 year reunion functions.
  • Member of the committee for the National Carnivals held in Adelaide.
  • 12 years on the selection panel for Hall of Fame members.
  • Awarded AFL International Year of the Volunteer Award.
  • 2013 will see Bill attend his 3rd Bali 9’s competition in Bali

Honour Roll


2000 Bill McDonald – East
2001 Ray & Sharon Gatt – Pooraka
2002 John Bidgood – Pooraka
2003 Greg Hamilton – Portland
2004 Hugh Barker – River Murray
2005 Kevin Davis – River Murray
2006 Leon Day – Portland
2007 Dean Pangrazio – West
2008 Kevin Davis – River Murray
2009 Tony Hinrichsen – Phantoms
2010 Debra Reeves – West
2011 Joe Turci – Blackwood
2012 Nigel Venning – Uni Greys
2013 Paul Economou – Woodville Sth
2014 Sarah English – West
2016Ray Smith – Blackwood


This award is presented to the person(s) who makes the most valuable contribution to the AFL Masters Australian Football – SA Division Inc. contingent at the National Carnival in that year. A special committee, elected by the AFL Masters Australian Football – SA Division Inc. Committee from those participating in the carnival touring party, is responsible for making the selection and presentation. Presentation of the perpetual shield (to be held for 12 months) and a replica trophy (to be retained by the winner) will be made to the recipient at the final official gathering of the carnival touring party during the carnival week.


1986 Jim Fenoughty
1987 Wally Winn (Deceased)
1988 The Woodcock Families
1989 Wally Winn (Deceased)
1990 Barry Moroney
1991 Bruce Watkins
1992 Bill McDonald
1993 Debbie & Trevor Prior
1994 Mick Guerin
1995 Clarry & Debbie Fisher
1996 Hugh Barker
1997 Dick Searl
1998 Debbie Prior
1999 Ken Follett
2000 Mark Doyle
2001 Mick Guerin
2002 John Platten

2003Lyall Stubing
2004 John Lewis
2005 Colin Withy
2006 Hugh Barker
2007 Heather & Peter Mattner
2008 Dean Pangrazio
2009 First Aid Training Staff
Clarry Fisher
Debbie Fisher
Mary Cailotto
Kevin Davis
Marlene Follett
Margy Holtham
Sarah English
2010 Debbie & Trevor Prior
2011 Debbie & Clarrie Fisher
2012 Sarah English
2013 Bill McDonald
2014 Colin Thompson
2015 Debbie & Trevor Prior
2016 Colin Thompson


An annual award presented by the Executive to a person, committee, group, club etc. in recognition of MOST OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND CONTRIBUTION TO AFL MASTERS AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL – SA DIVISION INC. Ken Green was an active and vital foundation member of SA Superules from its beginning in 1982. He was committed to team organisation, social aspects, fundraising etc. for the EAST CLUB in its formative years and his efforts reflect in the strength and attributes of that Club today. He successfully participated in the S.A. Superules State team in National Carnivals contested in ‘83, ’85 and ‘86. When he passed away suddenly in 1987, Murray Kolberg donated a shield to be presented in his memory. The presentation is made at the Annual General Meeting and the recipient will hold the perpetual shield for twelve months and retain a replica trophy as a memento. NOMINATIONS for the Ken Green Memorial Award, from any club or Executive Member, must be forwarded, in writing, with resume, to the Secretary of AFL Masters Australian Football – SA Division Inc. by the first meeting after the National Carnival. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE will make the final selection from nominations received. Nomination forms are available from club delegates or executive members.


1987 Roger Woodcock
1988 S.A. Carnival Steering
Committee – D. Foster,
B. McDonald, E. Stewart
N. Stratfold, R. Woodcock
1989 Bill McDonald
1990 R. (Bob) Cannan
1991 Bruce Watkins
1992 Dick Searl
1993 Ric Charlesworth
1994 Ian Coff
1995 Colin Withy
1996 Mick Guerin
1997 Hugh Barker
1998 Mary Cailotto
1999 John Rutherford
2000 Jim Potts
2001 Mark Doyle
2002 Mark Doyle
2003 Diana Ring
2004 Debbie Fisher
2005 Hugh Barker
2006 Debbie Fisher
2007 Clarry Fisher
2008 Bill McDonald
2009 Dean Pangrazio
2010 Mark Doyle
2011 Jason Bradbrook
2012 Dean Lucivero
2014 Dean Pangrazio
2016 Damien White


The Ratpak came to life in the 2000 Carnival held in Hobart.
The four of us were always together eating and drinking (Hugh Barker, Jim Potts, Ken Follett and Barrie Nicolle) much to the disgust of the coach Mark Doyle, but that was the only side SA took to that year’s carnival (Seniors). One night we were having fun when Mark came looking for us we were stuck in the corner of the pub, he called us “you’re just a RAT PACK” from then on we became the Ratpak and I got my son to design us a logo, which got people talking so we decided to continue the practice and inducted more rats.

The ideals of the Ratpak is for the inductees to put AFL MAFSA Superules before themselves, to raise money where possible help out other AFL MAFSA footballers or their families (e.g. if someone is injured away and needs a flight back quickly or if sickness in family we maybe able to assist financially). We have started slowly and are building stronger each year. The Ratpak wishes to be part of AFL MAFSA folk law, also to have lots of fun …

2000(Tas) Hugh Barker
Jim Potts
Ken Follett
Barrie Nicolle
2001 (QLD) Mark Doyle
2002 (Vic) Dean Platten-Morris
John Platten
2003 (WA) Debbie Prior
Lyle Stubing
Dick (Gary) Searl
2004 (Cairns) Bill McDonald
Peter Mattner
2005 (Adel) Colin Withy
Clarry Fisher
Jeff Emmel
Trevor Prior
Marcia Evans (Hon)
2006 (Qld) John Patmore
Ken Pense (WA)
2007 (NSW) Debbie Fisher
2008 (NT) Lou Cailotto
Tony Hinrichsen
2009 (QLD) Dean Pangrazio
2010 (Can) Kevin Davis
2011 (QLD) Colin Thompson
2012 (TVL) Joe Turci

AFL Masters SA Player of the Carnival

2008 Steve Curtis
2009 Grant Hawksworth
2010 Glen Mount
2011 Glen Mount
2012 Richard (Dickie) Klemann
2013 Peter Hoffman
2014 Dean Pangrazio
2015 Richard (Dickie) Klemann
2016 Lincoln Rogers